Tarot Spread – New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is tomorrow, here in the UK, and is an excellent time for making plans. The Curious Cardslinger posted this helpful Tarot & Oracle card spread over on their Instagram feed.

New Moon In Aries Spread – @thecuriouscardslinger
The Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

1. Where should I focus my attention as the new moon cycle begins?

XV – Pan
Pan is encouraging me to focus my attention on the pleasure I get from my attachment to material goods. I have a bit of an obsession with adding to my hoard, even though I do not have the finances or space to do so.

2. Where am I being overly impulsive or fiery?

XXI – The World
The longing to complete my collection, despite the impossibility of such a task, is making me overly impulsive. Leading to impulse purchases I feel I *need* but in reality I could live without.

2. How can I best harness or channel my natural enthusiasm?

The Dreamer – Air
My dream has begun, and I’ve been taking inspiration from others in the community, but I need to apply thought to my enthusiasm, rather than just actions.

4. What does my inner child need most, right now?

Maker Six – Generosity
My inner child needs the generosity of the community right now. I’ve been trying to support others in the community, and I’ve already seen this kindness repaid, but balance is required so I don’t get burned out and upset my inner child.

5. Which area of my life would most benefit from a fresh start?

Warrior Nine – Guardian
I need to re-look at my personal protection practices. I’ve become a bit complacent with protecting my energies, which could come to bite me in the butt if I’m not careful.

6. What other advice would I most benefit from at this time?

Dancer Five – Where Loss Resides
I sometimes get caught up in dwelling on the past, and all that I’ve lost. It’s time to say farewell to these longings, and move on.

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