April Challenge – Feeling April Foolish? – Weekly Roundup.

For those not on Instagram, here is a roundup of my challenge posts so far this month…

1st April 2019

So for @eroebuckjones / @connectwithyourdeck #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge this month, Feeling April Foolish, I’ve decided to work with the Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding.

I haven’t gotten around to printing a set of single card journal pages for this deck yet, but I am using the Daily Tarot Draw page from the #connectwithyourdeckjournal (I did want to purchase the printable journal pack for this month’s challenge, but with my wage debacle, that didn’t happen so I’m making do with what I already have.)

(The lovely Elizabeth kindly gifted me a copy of this month’s challenge workbook after seeing my Instagram post. So you’ll see it popping up in later posts ^_^ If you wish to pick up the original Connect With Your Deck Journal you can do so here, and you can find the April challenge workbook here.)

Given that the Tarot of the Sidhe doesn’t use the traditional suits of the Minor Arcana, I put my creativity to use and designed my own symbols for them. So for the Makers I have a little hammer, and to differentiate between the Prince and Princess I’m using gender glyphs underneath a P. I will sort out a sheet for all my new symbols later, maybe if I have time in between my hospital appointment and work later.

Anyways, back to today’s question, the Maker Princess is telling me I can find my confidence through being creative and productive ☺️

2nd April 2019

What do you know about yourself for sure?

The Warrior Ten card from the Tarot of the Sidhe speaks of responsibility, a spiritual mission and The Great Task. Given the work my dragon team has me doing, this message is not a surprise at all 😁

3rd April 2019

What makes you feel confident?

Dancer Six – Born of Joy is letting me know that my memories of my past give me confidence in my present.

4th April 2019

How would you describe your confidence?

The Dreamer Two is letting me know that my confidence waxes and wanes like the moon herself, and right now it’s middling between the extremes of being overly confident and completely without confidence. It’s a temporary balance.

5th April 2019

What takes your confidence away?

Maker Three – Labour’s Fruit revealed a part of me I’d been refusing to acknowledge. I have difficulty accepting my achievements, and the more I succeed at, the less confident I feel. This is definitely something I need to overcome.

6th April 2019

What builds your confidence?

Warrior King – Gift of Glory is reminding me that whenever I actively work on my own magickal path, I’m left with a feeling of confidence and power. My confidence has been soaring lately with the work I’ve been doing with the dragons, but in the last week I’ve let it lapse a little (which explains Dreamer Four on the 4th) and now I know what to look for, I can feel it.

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