Tarot Spread – The Ocean Spread

Over in one of the Amino communities I’m a member of, we have regular tarot/oracle spread challenges, to give the members practice with reading a variety of different spreads.

One of the spreads this fortnight is The Ocean Spread from Kiki’s Cauldron.

The Ocean Spread by Kiki’s Cauldron
Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

1. Sunken Skip: Something from your past that needs to be explored for treasure.

Dancer Three – Jubilance
You used to be so full of joy and frivolity. Bring that joy into your present and future.

2. Eel: A darker aspect of yourself lurking in the shadows.

III – The Empress
You wish to create, but the issues with your reproductive system has left you feeling very infertile. You pretend it’s not an issue, but it is still there lurking.

3. Puffer Fish: Something toxic in your life.

XIV – Temperance
Your pain-induced abstinence is hurting you deeper than you realise.

4. Shark: Where you can be more assertive or tactics you can use to help you survive.

Dreamer Six – Insight’s Voyage
Go with the flow, do not fight your destiny. Things will unfold for the best, but you must be willing to accept the path before you.

5. Angel Fish: A good deed you can do to enhance your Karma.

Warrior Princess – Gift of Courage
Be the free spirit you know you should be and the potential good deeds will make themselves known to you. Do not shy away from performing them, approach them with courage and your inner fire.

6. Clown Fish: How you can be more playful.

Maker Ten – Kingdom Prospers
Be more active within your community.

7. Coral Reef: A sacred space of healing you should seek out.

The Dancer – Water
Water is your sacred space of healing, and will help purify your mind, body, and spirit…if you let it.

8. Octopus: How your intelligence shines; where you are most clever.

VII – The Chariot
Your intelligence shines when you are challenged. Give yousrelf goals to work towards.

9. Sea Turtle: How you can move more gently with the tides of life.

Maker Four – The Greedy Tree
Do not be greedy or selfish. Accept that you cannot have everything you want.

10. Dolphin: Something that you need to speak openly and honestly about.

Warrior Five – Action Frustrated
Share your struggles and the obstacles you need to, and have, overcome. Don’t keep them all bottled up inside you.

11. Sea Star: How to connect with ocean magic, or the magic the ocean can give you.

Dancer Four – Vain Reflection
Try scrying with a bowl of water, or better yet, a natural pool.

12. Mermaid: An otherworldly message about your magical development.

XVIII – The Moon
Your magical development is strongly linked to your dreams, meditations and your subconscious. Your intuition is very important, continue to nurture it.

13. Whale Song: A comforting message from the mysterious depths.

V – The Elder
Accept the knowledge of those who have walked this path before you, and help those who will walk the path after you.

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