Tarot Spread – Full Moon in Libra

With the second Full Moon in Libra upon us, I decided to try this spread posted by Ethony over on Instagram.

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

1, What is my major lesson right now?

Dreamer Nine – Nightmare
Dreamer Nine is teaching me that I shouldn’t always assume that my dreams are always going to be happy, sometimes they may take a darker hue. There are times when I will feel anxiety and distress, and I need to accept that.

2, What does my mind need for healing and balance?

Dreamer King – Gift of Judgement
My mind needs to be objective with the wisdom I possess.

3, What does my body need for healing and balance?

Dreamer Five – Hope Discarded
I need to accept defeat sometimes, and just allow my body to heal without feeling guilty. I know sometimes my self-esteem takes a knock due to my illness, but I need to realise it’s not my fault.

4, What does my soul need for healing and balance?

Maker Seven – Effort Sustained
My soul needs me to be determined but patient, in order to achieve balance and healing.

5, What self care act am I being called to take?

VIII – Justice
I need to embrace my connection to the universe, and follow the spiral to find my balance again.

6, What ally or aid is available to me at this time?

The Dreamer – Air
The Air Elementals with their gift of communication and inspiration are happy to assist me at this time.

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