1 The Magician – Dragon Deck Comparison

A comparative look at The Magician card as it appears in six different dragon themed decks.

I The Magician

Tarot Draconis, by Davide Corsi

Elemental magics surround this dragon magician, all the energies to create new realities are right there within reach.

Starlight Dragon Tarot, by Steph Engert & Nora Nuszka

The Dragon of Magick and Directed Will stands in his power, which has been earned through hard work and discipline.

Dragons Tarot, by Manfredi Toraldo & Severino Baraldi

Merlin, the magician par excellence, uses the dragon’s spiritual energy for his own benefit, but he is not aware of the risks he might be taking.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot, by D. J. Conway & Lisa Hunt

This magician stands before her altar, her grimoire and wand in her hands, while astral dragons watch over her work.

The Dragon Tarot, by Nigel Suckling & Roger and Linda Garland

This magician also stands before an altar, this one containing symbols of the four tarot suits.

Dragon Tarot, by Peter Pracownik & Terry Donaldson

Levitating above a stage holding representations of the four tarot suits, as well as a crystal ball for fortune, this magician shows he has mastered the four elements.

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