Deck Review – The Fey Tarot

The Fey Tarot, by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti, published by Lo Scarabeo, is one of the newer tarot decks in my collection. It’s cute, colourful artwork really appealed to me.

There are more beautiful things in our life, than stars in the infinite sky.

The Fey Tarot Deck Box
The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti

The Fey Tarot has the usual 22 cards of the Major Arcane, with The Hierophant being renamed “The Wisest”, plus the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana in the 4 suits of Chalices, Pentacles, Wands and Swords. I have edged my deck in blue, I’ve been watching a lot of Boho Tarot‘s videos and could not resist this minor customisation. So any slight blue tint on the front of my photographed cards is due to this, it’s not a printing issue.

So lets take a closer look at some of these pretty cards…

The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti

V The Wisest
The booklet calls this card “The Wise One”.
No surprise that I’ve picked this one to write about first, it does show a dragon after all (and I’m nothing if not predictable!) This dragon seems to be patiently waiting for the Wisest to finish writing their speech, maybe they are going to carry him to a meeting of Fey where this speech will be read out? The Wisest is sitting on an hourglass with the majority of the sand in the bottom, so he’s running out of time to get it done!

V – The Wise One. Advice, wisdom, experience. Long and difficult speeches. Formal communication. Attention to details.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)

9 Wands
The nine of wands shows two fey taking safety in a tree hollow. The red-haired fey watches for trouble, while their green-haired companion rests.

9 – Diffidence, vigilance, attention, do not let down one’s guard, protection of the weakest.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)
The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti

X The Wheel
Two fey are playing with a spiral of wooden block houses. The younger, who appears to be from a well-off fey family with her gloves and ornate skirt, is placing a tree down, while the older, possibly her nanny or maybe a teacher, holds a horse. A pair of elephants are heading out of the spiral, while a stegosaurus (my favourite dinosaur) heads towards the center.

X – The Wheel. Time, the cyclic nature of things. Recurring situations. To be at the mercy of external forces.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)

6 Chalices
A feathered-winged fey perches on the edge of a large chalice, holding a coloured egg. Many, many more eggs are below them, stretching off into the distance.

6 – The past, memory, to turn back, nostalgia, tranquil childhood.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)
The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti

XVI The Tower
A fey looks out of the window of a tower in the air. Bricks are separating from the bottom of their tower, but while the fey doesn’t look too happy about this, they don’t look too concerned. A pair of pterodactyls fly below.

XIV – The Tower. Destruction of certainties. Construction of barriers and limits. Closure. Punishment. Reversal of pride.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)

1 Ace of pentacles
A fey sits painting a mandala on the back of their hand, while little bunny-like critters watch on.

Ace – Ties with matter. Possession of things without excess. Complete control of the elements and relationships. Safety.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)
The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti

Knight of swords
A white-haired, red-eyed fey sits on their white-scaled, red-eyed dragon mount, raising their sword aloft and letting out a battle cry.

Knight – Ability, courage, impetuousness, anger, combative soul.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)

XVIII The Moon
A fey, dressed in the garb of a fairy shaman, sits beneath the full moon. They hold a curved crescent moon staff, and is using a stick to draw a crescent moon in the ground beneath them.

XVIII – The Moon. Magic. Mystery. Boundary between sleeping and being awake. Dreams. Illusions. Invisible and concealed things. The world of emotions.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)

The little white book contains a guide to getting to know the advanced meanings of each card as well as how “to read” the Fey Tarot using the Dream-Joy-Magic spread.

Each position has a meaning and the tarot which occupies this position assumes that meaning.

1. Dream. The card which occupies this position indicates the querient’s desires.

2. Joy. The card which occupies this position indicated the reasons why the querient should be happy.

3. Magic. The card which occupies this position indicates what the querient must do about this situation in order to overcome his or her personal limits.

The Fey Tarot LWB (Riccardo Minetti)
The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem & Riccardo Minetti

So this was my quick Dream, Joy, Magic reading I did yesterday, which I posted to Instagram.
Dream: King of Wands – I desire wisdom.
Joy: Death – I should be happy about my own transformation.
Magic: 5 of Chalices – I need to recover what was valuable to me.

Overall, I love this deck. The artwork is beautiful and I love the fey magic that runs through it. I didn’t realise there was a full guidebook available when I got this deck, but I’ve gone ahead and ordered a copy because I love these cards so much. Once it arrives from America, I’ll definitely be diving deeper into these cards.


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